Microanalysis of alkaline rocks from the Khibina Massif using SEM-EDS methods

Miłosz A. Huber


Khibina Massif is a central intrusion of the alkaline rocks. There are different types of syenites, urtites trachites and numerous ore bodies. These products arranged concentrically are slightly vergence in the east. Syenite rocks are constructed by plagioclase, ortoclase, aegirine, augite, and other pyroxenes and often accompanied by apatite, nepheline, eudialites and other phases.  Interesting are many common ore minerals such as ilmenite, titanite, sulfides. Relatively common in these minerals are numerous impurities and inclusions. There are inclusions of such elements as Sr, Nb, lanthanide and even uranium compounds.


Khibina massif; Alkaline rocks; Syenites; Pyroxenes; Inclusion of REE elements

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