First discovery of melteigite rocks with perovskite from the Khibina Massif

Miłosz A. Huber


Studied melteigite rocks veins are found mainly in the central part of Khibina on the border of the inter- and outer-zones rocks in the vicinity of deep tectonic faults. These rocks are composed of several stages of mineral associations indicative of changing conditions during the formation of these rocks. The most original ortopiroxenes-olivines are replaced by clinopiroxenes and next going to fenitization with accompanied of alkalines. As a result, around pyroxenes reactionary crown form and structure disintegrating. These  rocks indicate the processes of magmatic differentiation in the probable melting zone involving the injection of primary magmas derived from the deep mantle regions, as evidenced by perovskite detected. These rocks ultimately intrude in syenite during tectonic reconstruction of Khibina Massif.


Melteigites; Perovskite; Minerals characteristic; Microanalysis

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